Why Travel to Ukraine in September, 2016


September is a magnificent time of the year in Ukraine. A warm sunny weather and natural conditions, beautiful autumn landscapes, lots of interesting leisure and business events and festivals make Ukraine very attractive for visitors in the early autumn.

In this article, we have compiled a list of top reasons to travel to Ukraine in September 2016.  The article is divided into the following sections:

  • Weather in September
  • Prominent Ukrainian Parks to Visit in Autumn
  • Seaside Resorts
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Business Events
  • IT Events
  • Summary

Weather in September

Pleasantly warm weather makes Ukraine a great tourism and travel destination in September. This is likely one of the best month to visit Ukraine: warm sunny days and cool evenings. This is great time for city or countryside sightseeing tours, lots of outdoor activities or just enjoying cup of coffee in one of the street cafes to observe dynamic city life.

In September, the average temperature varies from 12.0°C to 23.0°C depending on time of the day and region of Ukraine. In Ukrainian c_de3fbd702c382d467b09d41cc0d0fc28capital Kiev the weather in September is mild at 15-17°C: afternoons can be somewhat warm with average high temperatures reaching 19 -23°C , whereas overnight temperatures are generally lower, around 10-13°C.

The Black Sea Area is characterized by the warmest climate in Ukraine. In Odessa (one of the most popular tourist city, located just at the Black Sea seaside) the temperature of air usually exceeds 24°C and temperature of water in sea is about 21–23 °C. At the same time there is a bit colder in the Western Ukraine regions, where temperature is  decreasing from 21°C to 8°C over the month.

According to the latest forecasts, there will be only 5-6 rainy days in September 2016. However do not forget your umbrella if you are going to the Western Ukrainian regions, especially in the Carpathian Mountains area, where rainfalls are more frequent!

Prominent Ukrainian Parks to Visit In September

Ukrainian parks become one of the most beautiful attractions in this period of time. In the back half of September leaves on the trees change colors to golden yellow, orange and red providing incredibly amazing seasonal decoration. Multicolored trees, yellow fallen leaves on the grass create a true fairy-tale and remind us about the last warm days.

Kiev is one of the greenest capitals in Europe with about 127 parks and an average of about 20 square meters of greenery per resident. The most famous Kiev parks here are:

  • Saint Volodymyr Hill (with a great overview of the city)
  • Mariinsky Park and Palace (has a political purpose of hosting meetings, park is open for visitors)
  • Tarasa Shevchenko Park (just near the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University)
  • Feofania (with lakes and healing springs),
  • Mezhyhirya (luxury residence of Ukrainian ex president located close to Kiev) and others.

These parks often serve as a platform for outdoor concerts, ethnical festivals and other entertainments. One of such events is the third Teophania Martial Arts Festival, which will be conducted on September 18, 2016.

Among other bright spots of Ukraine are:коллаж2

  • landscape park “Sophia” located in Uman (Cherkasy Oblast)
  • dendrological park “Alexandria” located in Bila Tserkva (Kiev Region)
  • national park “Synevyr” in the Carpathian Mountains
  • Stryiskyi Park in Lviv and many others.

Ukraine is also famous for its beautiful Carpathian mountains, crystal lakes and charming parks, surrounded with interesting legends.

There is one more exceptionally beautiful place to visit in September – “Tunnel of Love” in Klevan (Rivne oblast). It is a railway surrounded by green arches 3-5 kilometers in length. Tunnel of love is one of the most romantic place in Ukraine and have a great popularity among couples.


Seaside Resorts

September is a great time for visiting Ukrainian seaside resorts (in Odessa, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions). The mellow season here is represented by crowd-free beaches, quiet autumn sun, warm sea and lower prices.колаж

One of the most famous seaside resorts here is located in colorful Odessa that is the third most popular city in Ukraine and official capital of Humor in Ukraine. You will have a great opportunity to feel city atmosphere on September 02-04 when Odessa celebrates the City day (September 02). The program includes ceremonial raising of the flag, Gala concert on the Potemkin Stairs, Odessa Light Fest with fireworks and other local attractions.


Ukrainians like festivals, celebrations and other entertainment events and activities. If you are travelling to Ukraine, this is probably the best way to learn more about Ukrainian culture, traditions and mentality of Ukrainian people. There are lots of such events in September in different cities of Ukraine. Below you can see main festivals that will take part in September.

Kiev will be Hosting:
September 02 The contest “Miss Ukraine 2016” where you will be among the first who know the name of the girl who will represent Ukraine at the most prestigious international beauty contest “Miss World 2016” in Washington in December.
September 03-04 Charity weekend “Healthy day.” It is a dancing flashmob with yoga, pilates, zumba and bodisheyk and ability to swim, play football and participate in the arm wrestling competition.
September 07-09 Exhibition project “Kyiv Fashion 2016” and “Handmade Fashion 2016” that include a full range of specialized exhibitions of light and textile industry.
September 10-11 The international festival of virtual entertainment “Wegame 2.0.” It will be possible to fight in a virtual arena, see the best cosplayers, participate in thematic lectures and get acquainted with the developers of innovative gaming technology.
September 15-December 10 The National Circus of Ukraine launches the new show program “Extreme arena.” It includes the shows of aerial gymnast, extreme cyclist, the dangerous attractions of trained crocodiles, tigers and lions.
September 15 – October 02 House mysterious adventure 3D show. A lot of acrobatic tricks, incredible circus acts, spectacular performances, elements of magic and illusions and with special effects will be waiting for all the guests.
September 15-17 A specialized exhibition-fair  “Crafts and hand-made products 2016” dedicated to products for needlework and Hand-made.
September 17-18 The International Cat Ball” for all cat lovers where guests will have possibility to visit different cat rings and competitions.


Lviv will be hosting:
September 02-04 The Polish-Ukrainian “Festival of Partnership.” It is aimed to develop strong cooperation between Poland and Ukraine. During the festival you may visit concerts by Polish and Ukrainian bands, a theatrical performance and workshops.
September 11 The annual festival of bread that includes different exhibitions, master classes, food tastings, concerts.
September 15-18 Annually conducted “the Lviv Publishers’ Forum.” It is one of the main and most expected among Ukrainians book, literary, and cultural event of the year.
September 17-October 02 The International theater festival “Golden lion-2016” that will represent all tendencies of the theater art.
September 18 Guitar mini festival “Jazz Kolo Guitar.”
September 22-25 Traditionally Lviv will make a joy to coffee lovers by organizing Lviv City Coffeefest. This festival will be held for the 9th time to present the best technologies and innovations in coffee industry. Every year the best cafe of the city will be identified during the event.
Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk) will be hosting:

September 10-11

the Day of Dripro city that is celebrated in the second weekends of September. On this occasion Dnipro will be hosting the international festival “Jazz on the Dnieper.” This event includes 2 jazz marathons in the open air with the participation of foreign stars, a series of master classes, different concerts and “Menorah Jazz Night.”  More than, the aerofestival “Dnipro Open Sky” will be conducted in the city on holidays (September10-11). Organizers promise interesting entertainment including airplane flights, skydiving and sports flights.
Kamyanets-Podilski will be hosting:

September 01-04

The festival of street art “Respublika.” Modern street art will be represented by musicians, rock bands, dancers, and writers from Ukraine and other countries. The main idea of the festival is to unite people from the East and West of Ukraine.
Korosten (historic city in the Zhytomyr Oblast) will be hosting:

September 10

Potato pancakes festival traditionally conducted on the third Saturday of September. All visitors will be able to enjoy “potato pancakes triathlon,” the competition for the tastiest pancake (it is also possible to become a member of the jury here), various exhibitions, tasting traditional beverages and performances of folk music ensembles.


Melodious language and poetic soul are combined in Ukrainian music art. Having arrived to Ukraine you will find a great variety of concerts of Ukrainian as well as foreign talented musicians. September is the time when all concert halls, philharmonic, opera, operetta and ballet houses renew their work after summer vacation. Repertoire of opera, ballet and operetta you can find at the website of the respective theaters. Below you can find  chronological list of other concerts conducted in September in main touristic Ukrainian cities Kiev, Odessa and Lviv you may find below.

September 01 The Evening of French chanson in Kiev
September 05 The concert of smooth jazz band “Smooth Outbreak” in Kiev
September 08 The concert of Jazz band “Smooth Operation” in Kiev
September 08 The concert of Foma and the group Mandry (Mandry (a popular Ukrainian folk-  rock, blues, ska band) in Kiev
September 09 The concert of Ukrainian Indie pop group Pur:Pur in Kiev
September 10 The concert of YEGOR GRAY “Sing to live” in Kiev
September 10 The concert of  German medieval metal band “In Extremo” in Kiev
September 11 The concert of symphonic rock group “Simfomaniya” in Kiev
September 11 The concert of rapper Yung Lean in Kiev
September 12 The concert of Eugene Litvinkovych “Our love” in Kiev
September 12 The concert of jazz singer Nino Katamadze and band “Insight” in Kyiv
September 15 The concert of pop-reggae band “Тhe ВЙО” in Kiev
September 15 The concert of Moderat in Kyiv (three-piece electronic music project)
September 15 The concert of metal band Tiamat in Kiev
September 16 The concert of the band “Victor” (songs of Tsoi) in Kiev
September 16 The concert of Ukrainian singer Maria Tchaikovsky in Kiev
September 17 The Night of French Cinema in Kiev
September 19 The concert “Urban Gypsy & Anna-Maria: Gypsy Jazzed Up, Pop Songs” in Kiev
September 21 The concert of Greek thrash metal band “Suicidal Angels” in Kiev
September 22 The concert “Jazz for adults with Alexei Kogan”
September 22 The concert of Russian hip hop singer Assai in Kiev
September 23 The concert of Jan Blomqvist & Band in Kiev
September 25 The concert of Tatiana and Sergey Nikitin in Kiev (they have played a key   role in establishing the genre of poetic folk song in Russia)
September 26 The concert Dance With The Dead (an electronic rock duo) in Kiev
September 28 MyQueenTributeShow (the legends of the World music)
September 29 The concert of Maria Burmaka & Gypsy Lyre
September 01-02 Symphonic music concert in Odessa


September 02 The comedy  show of Studio “Kwartal 95” in Odessa
September 04 The musical concert Jam Band in Odessa
September 04 The concert in memory of Leonid Utesov “Favorite Song” in Odessa
September 07 The concert of hard rock singer Dorothee Pesch (DORO) in Odessa
September 23 The concert of Ukrainian pop singer Vitaliy Koslovskiy in Odessa
September 30 The concert of rock group “Severniy flot” in Odessa
September 04 The concert of classic music “Classics in jeans” in Lviv
September 06 “New Musical Project 2” in Lviv
September 07 The concert of symphony Orchestra K&K Philharmoniker in Lviv
September 07 The concert of Ukrainian pop-rock band “ANTITILA” in Lviv
September 10 The concert “Ukrainian song” in Lviv
September 10 The concert of NAOMI Orchestra in Lviv
September 1 The Evening of humor “Dark. Draught” in Lviv
September 22 The house concert of Sergey Babkin in Lviv


Business Events

September is a time when big cities come to life after summer holidays.  Business people tend to develop new plans, start new projects and build partnerships. There are lots of important Business & Networking Events that will be conducted in this period. Below you can find list of main business events, which will take place in September, 2016.

September 07 IV International Conference “Black Sea Oil Trade-2016” in Kyiv (a platform

for networking with oilseed industry operators of Ukraine& Black Sea region);

September 08-09 The exhibition and business-forum “World of liquefied and compressed gas” in Kyiv (the main goal is popularization of gas fuel in Ukraine);
September 13-15 25-th International specialized trade fair of equipment and technologies for food processing industry “INPRODMASH” in Kyiv;


September 13-14 Business Forum “Waste Management 2016” in Kyiv (aimed to attract investments in the field of waste management,  to strengthen relations, cooperation between everyone involved  in the solid waste treatment);
September 14-16 LED Expo Ukraine & Conference LED Progress 2016 in Kyiv (light-emitting diode solutions, equipment, technologies, design exhibition);
September 14-16 KPEF: Kiev Property Expo-Forum (solution of actual problems of mutual promotion of goods and services between providers and consumers of the world real estate market products);
September 14-17 Stomatology 2016: 74th Kyiv International Dental Forum and Exhibition;
September 16 Exhibition-conference of advanced 3D printing and scanning technologies in Kyiv (aimed  to promote 3D printing and scanning technologies using the educational program, workshops and exhibition of manufacturers and distributors)
September 16 –  Master class by Erik Nayman: “Preparing for 2017: brexit, elections, economy and other” in Kyiv;
September 19-20 WCF: World communication forum Davos Kyiv (the main topic is “win-win” as alternative to conflict in business, politics and society)
September 20-21 Master-Сlass “Start, Run & Grow Your Business” in Kyiv
September 20-22 REX 2016 and T-REX 2016 in Kyiv (international exhibition of advertising, marketing and media; technologies, equipment and materials for the production of advertisement)


September 21-23 Exhibition “Fat and oil industry 2016” in Kyiv (represents seeds, plant protection technologies, raw materials, equipment, advanced technologies of fat and oil production, high-quality products from natural ingredients etc.)
September 21-23 International specialized exhibition “ISTWE” 2016 in Kyiv (demonstrates alternative energy sources and equipment for renewable energy resources)
September 21-23 Exhibition “Beer and Soft Drinks Industry 2016” in Kyiv (about modern     technologies and equipment for beer and soft drinks industry)
September 08-12 International Specialized Exhibition “Fast Food Industry 2016” in Kyiv
September 21-23 International Forum and Exhibition “Ecological Quality and Safety Standards – step into the future 2016” in Kyiv
September 23 V Tax Forum of the Ukrainian Bar Association in Kyiv (embraces all burning issues of tax law and practice that change the rules at the market and influence the business environment of Ukraine)
September 23 Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Kiev (unites everyone who is interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency at the third annual platform for likeminded people)
September 23 II Agrarian Financial Conference 2016 in Kyiv (improving of effectiveness of agrarian companies, material interest and evaluation according to KPI; important challenges facing agrarian enterprises and the ways to overcome them, exchanging experience of using the current financial instruments, the issues related to using IT in the process of budgeting, audit, and financial flows management)
September 24 Kyiv Post Employment Fair (biannual recruiting event that brings together leading companies and prospective employees)
September 24 Kyiv Project Management Day (will be conducted in 2 flows: PM practices, PM models and flexible PM methodology
September 27 Anti-Corruption and Compliance Forum in Kyiv
September 28-30 The third professional and specialized exhibition «EIT – 2016 Education in Ukraine. Education Abroad» in Kyiv (popularization of education in Ukraine and abroad, presentation of educational establishments, the definition of the main problems of the industry and a finding of solutions to enhance the quality of education)
Sept 28-Oct 1 The 29-th international exhibition exhibition “Furniture technologies, components, textiles 2016” in Kyiv
Sept 28-Oct 1 International exhibition “Design. Living tendency 2016” in Kyiv (furniture, home textiles, lighting, furnishings and decor)
September 29-30 V  Judical Forum in Kyiv (dedicated to the matters of cooperation between the judicial power and media, the Constitutional and Judicial Reforms, recent trends in procedural law, judicial practice in different business spheres and resolution of international disputes)

September 08-12

Conference “Telecom Ukraine 2016” in Odessa (a platform for leading manufacturers of networking equipment and participants of Ukrainian market of telecommunications, media and content)
September 28-30 Dental Forum and exhibition Expo Stomat in Odessa
September 24-25 European Heritage Days in Lviv (the main topic is “Gardens and parks of the city: a living history of the city”);
September 27-30 Autumn Construction Forum in Lviv (all major industry trends and new achievements of construction industry in Ukraine and all over the World)

IT Events

Ukraine has became already world famous for its well-developed IT sector. If you are interested in IT area, willing to find new employees, business partners or just share your experience, you can consider events in this area in September, 2016.

Date IT event
September 02 VI-th International Datacenters Innovation Forum 2016 in Kyiv (the main topics are datacenters, infrastructure, network solutions, storage, virtualization, cloud)
September 02-04 Software Engineering Conference 2016 in Kyiv (about career, IOT and BigData, UI/UX, JS, Android, iOS)
September 03 PHP Frameworks Day 2016 in Kyiv (the main topics are Phalcon 2.1, technical side of email-marketing, extremely Defensive PHP, Doctrine, Symfony at BlaBlaCar, PHP 7)

September 03

Master class in Kyiv: the creation of an effective model of task management, bugs and requirements management in JIRA. Data Analytics in JIRA with SQL
September 09 IT Crazy Wild in Kiev (networking IT party)
September 15 “Ukrainian Software Development forum 4.0” in Kiev (the clear vision of the key problems and prospects of market development and helping with non-trivial ideas, the most important facts and valuable contacts)
September 17 ІТ Weekend Ukraine in Kiev (international conference initiated to help Ukrainian IT industry professionals to grow and develop)
September 17 IT NonStop Java Craft in Kiev
September 17 OSDN Conference 14.0 in Kyiv (aims to enable developers and users to meet and promote the awareness and use of free and open-source software)
September 21 IDC Day Kiev: Digital Transformation Forum 2016 in Kiev
September 24-25 WordPress conference “Wordcamp Kiev 2016”
Sept 30-Oct 1 Software testing conference in Kiev “QA Fest.”
September 03 JDayLviv 2016 (dedicated to java and complementary technologies)
September 03 Meet for IT: “Learning to test. Testing to learn” in Lviv (considered topics: How to approach testing in a distributed team, ProtractorJS, Test automation)
September 03-04 Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2016 (annual conference for whose who are interested in development of CMF Drupal)
Sept 30-Oct 2 Lviv IT Arena (Two streams on Innovations and Actual Issues and the Business and Product development streams will give you some new insights into the IT market in the Eastern Europe and beyond)
September 09-10 Black Sea Summit 2016 in Odessa (innovations and Technologies in Ukraine and CEE)


September is probably the best month to travel in Ukraine. Warm sunny weather and charming autumn nature make your sightseeing walks pleasant and full of picturesque views. Theaters, opera and concert halls renew their work after summer holiday, so you can visit all the variety of cultural events in the evenings. Numerous festivals will allow you to learn more about Ukrainian culture, traditions and Ukrainian mentality.

September is also good time for business or investment tours to Ukraine. If you are interested in finding business partner in Ukraine, hire Ukrainian professionals or consider investment or doing business in Ukraine – this is just the right time of the year. Beginning of autumn is time of business activation, full of Business & Networking Events and prime time to start your business here! IT area is one of the most developing industry in Ukraine, there are more than 15 various IT events in Ukraine throughout September!

It is easy to combine business and leisure during your stay in Ukraine. With proper planning, you can make you stay here productive and exciting. While planning to attend certain event, do not forget to order accommodations and tickets beforehand.

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