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We assist global entrepreneurs, investors, and business entities with business setup, ongoing compliance, relocation, and real-estate matters in Ukraine.

We are experienced, independent, and pride ourselves with an unmatched sense of integrity, professionalism, and transparency.




Registration as Private Entrepreneur


Both local and foreign entrepreneurs can register as Private Entrepreneurs in Ukraine. We make this process hassle-free for you.

Service includes:

  • Assistance on choosing the most appropriate taxation scheme
  • Certified passport translation
  • Private entrepreneur registration with relevant government authorities
  • Registration of Book of Income with Tax Office of Ukraine
  • Consultation on ongoing compliance rules

LLC Company Registration


Service includes:

  • Initial consultation for a client to opt the most suitable taxation scheme
  • Preparation of company registration paperwork
  • Notary fees
  • Registration of the new company
  • Company seal

Work Permit application


Service includes:

  • Consultation and advice
  • Certified translation of passport
  • Preparation and filing of the application

Additionally, once application has been approved, you have to pay government fee (depending on the duration of work permit):

  • UAH 4,204 (appx. $150)– for work permit for the period for up to 6 month;
  • UAH 8,408 (appx. 310) – government fee for work permit for the period from 6 months  up to 1 year;
  • UAH 12,612 (appx. 470) – government fee for work permit for the period from 1 year and up to 3 years.

Temporary Residence Permit application


Service includes:

  • Consultation and advice
  • Certified translation of documents
  • Preparation and filing of the application
  • Government fee

Additionally, you will need to pay for the medical insurance for the period of temporary residence permit ($ 50-$120)

Permanent Residence Permit through investment scheme
(all-inclusive package)


A foreigner can get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine through investment scheme in case he/she invests $ 100,000 (or more) into share capital of a Ukrainian company.

Service includes:

  • Consultation and advice on the process and necessary documents
  • Tax ID application
  • Registration of a company in Ukraine
  • Nominee director service for 1 year (optional)
  • Legal support of share capital injection and opening necessary bank accounts
  • Pre-approval of investment by Immigration service
  • Cost of certified translations, notary and government fees
  • Preparation and filing of the application for immigration and permanent residence permit

Tax Number for Foreign Citizens


All foreign citizens require a Ukraininan tax number when doing business, investing, or relocating to Ukraine.

Service includes:

  • Consultation and advice
  • Power of attorney (POA) with Ukrainian notary / translation of POA made overseas
  • Certified passport translation
  • Preparation and filing of the application

Bank Account Opening


Most of the customer-facing banking staff in Ukraine has little knowledge of latest rules and regulations concerning bank account opening by foreigners. The end result is often wrong answers, wrong advice, and countless visits to the bank. We eliminate all this because we know the banking laws very well and can assist you with opening of your bank account.

Services includes:

  • Legal consultation on types of bank accounts in Ukraine, rules of management of bank accounts, financial monitoring and currency control rules in Ukraine
  • Advice on the reliable bank for your needs
  • Filling in bank’s forms and opening bank account for your needs

Due diligence on real-estate transaction


Service consists of:

  • Consultation on real-estate law and practical advice
  • Legal due diligence of the property
  • Advice on payment transaction
  • Sale-Purchase agreement review

Transfer of utility services to new owner


After purchasing a real-estate property, all utility services (water, electricity, phone, internet, etc.) need to be transferred to the new owner. This can be an extremely time consuming and frustrating experience because you will need to deal with various bureaucratic goverment departments along with lack of English speaking personnel. Our service makes this a hassle-free task for you.

Professional Consultation


Clients who are at an early stage of exploring doing business, investing, or relocating to Ukraine, can greatly benefit from our general consultation on Ukraninan laws, regulations, and practical considerations.

Other Services


If you require a service that is not listed above, feel free to inquire with us.

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