Client Testimonials

It feels great to know that you have done your job well and served your clients’ interests. It’s even more satisfying when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction.

“I came to Ukraine more than a year ago to establish my company here. Tetiana provided me with all the details I needed to decide how I should proceed.
Tetiana led me through the entire process clearly explaining every step along the way and it was done quickly.
One of the difficult things to understand is working with the banks to set my accounts and then how to make all the payments. Tetiana and her team walked me through that step by step.
Once the company was established she and her team got me my work permit and followed that up really easily with my Temporary Resident Permit.
Tetiana and her team provide excellent service and I rely on them often!
Outstanding profession team!”Dennis (the USA)
“Buying real estate, apartments in a foreign country without knowing the local language and local laws can be quite difficult. Not with the help of ContactUkraine! Tetiana and her team provided me superior consulting and services. Everything worked well.
She helped me even to save money on some fees. Before I started to work with Tetiana and her team, I was asking 2 other companies as well, none of them provided nearly the same good advices.
What really stands out in my opinion is, that Tetiana works customer focused. She understand very quick the needs of her clients and find solution. She convinced me many times to do it another way, which then was the best way overall. Im using ContactUkraine consulting and legal advices for 3 main purposes: 1. Buying of real estate; 2. Residence permit issues; 3. Doing business in Ukraine, opening LLC company, bank accounts, tax office and labor permit… I can 100% recommend to work with ContactUkraine..”Marcel (Germany)
“Contact Ukraine went above and beyond to help us with our first property in Ukraine. Even the developer of the property was surprised and told me that he has never seen more thorough due diligence. They seem to have investigated everything possible about the property and then some. Contact Ukraine guided us from start to finish in the process, and the combination of good honest advice and a hard working and thorough team was critical for us to feel comfortable. If we ever do this again Contact Ukraine will be our first phone call.”Svein (Norway)
“Making the first real estate purchase in a new and foreign country requires good and honest advisers. I started out with two companies – to have different perspectives and maximum learning – as well as to compare them and their services. The other company I would rate a 2 out of 10; Tetiana and Contact Ukraine – I would rate 10. A list of what makes their services outstanding is as follows:
• Their website is very structured and has a lot of relevant information to start with
• Tetiana’s legal work and assessments is nothing less than impressive in detail and thoroughness
• You will learn that Tetiana is very ambitious professionally – which means – among other things – that she take pride in knowing relevant and recent court practices that might apply to your case
• Being highly professional and knowledgeable – she still manages to maintain an easygoing and pleasant attitude – which makes her communicate well and gain trusts with other parties in the process – this being government officials, bank representatives, brokers – or your counterparts
• She was available and flexible – and at several occasions – went an extra mile to ensure the success of my transaction
• I assess her and her staff very highly on trustworthiness. I think this is an important asset in a country where institutions are still weak
So to sum it up; I am extremely pleased with my choice of legal professional services in Ukraine. I am impressed with their work – and would highly recommend Tetiana Yakovenko and Contact Ukraine to anyone.”Arne (Norway)
“Architechs had a number of freelancers working for us via a third party in Ukraine. When we decided to terminate the arrangement with this third party and take on the freelancers ourselves, it was important that we stepped into a situation that was 100% legally compliant and fair to our staff. Since it seemed that our previous partner had done nothing to keep things “above board”, it was even more critical to clean things up properly. Tetiana and Contact Ukraine has made this process incredibly simple – not just for us, but also for our staff. They are very happy to have all calculations and payments directed for them, so that they can rest assured they are on track with taxes and contributions with a minimum of fuss.”Jan-Aage (the United Kingdom)
“Tetiana and her associates are fantastic at what they do. I understood very little about Ukraine residency options and procedures. Tetiana was able to walk me through the entire process and evaluate what was the best option. Setting up a business and receiving the Temporary Residency Permit was a very smooth process with her teams assistance and guidance. You’re in excellent hands with Contact Ukraine and their excellent team. They will give you full confidence with all legal maters in Ukraine. Thank you for your continued help and advice!.”Josh (the USA)
“Contact Ukraine has now been my sole source of legal and management advice in Ukraine for the last four years. Tetiana is fantastic to work with and her team have dealt incredibly efficiently with a range of issues from real estate purchasing and apartment management, to setting up my new IT company, personal and company taxation, residency permit and employee contracts. I highly recommend Tetiana and her team at Contact Ukraine and regard them as a leader in their field.”Andrew (the United Kingdom)
“I have been very impressed by the entire service provided by Contact Ukraine. I especially appreciate the clear explanation of all the steps we needed to do together in order to start my company in Kiev. I highly recommend their services and I will be a long term client.”Andrew (Australia)
“I contacted Tetiana at ContactUkraine to incorporate a new business in Ukraine, to obtain for me a Ukraine resident permit to manage the business in Ukraine and to set up both personal and corporate bank accounts in Ukraine. Tetiana is very knowledgeable of Ukrainian law, provided very competent and professional services to me and everything I needed done was completed quickly. I continue to retain her for accounting and legal work for my Ukraine business and I highly recommend her services.”John (the USA)
“The staff is very nice and smiling. They are always ready to help in any matter, at any time. Director Tatiana’s work is excellent. She is a wonderful specialist, who is able to answer all kinds of questions, help in simple and difficult situations. We have been working with Contact Ukraine for about two years and they find a solution to any problem or issue. Strongly recommend Contact Ukraine!.”Alla (Ukraine)
“It was a pleasure working with Tetiana. Her impressive and deep knowledge of Ukrainian laws and regulations helped me to quickly register myself as a Private Entrepreneur and apply for the appropriate tax scheme. Where other law firms were confused on certain niche areas of the law, Tetiana’s experience and depth of knowledge was very apparent. She was able to provide all the help I needed as well as answer the many questions I had regarding banking laws. I highly recommend her services to foreigners seeking to live and work in Ukraine.”Tsering (Canada)
“The idea of buying an appartement in Kiev seemed to us such an easy deal that we couldn’t even imagine any kind of pitfalls. We payed for our optimism but we could pay even more if we hadn’t found Contact Ukraine and particularly Tetiana Yakovenko with her colleagues.
From the very first conversation you note: – efficiency; – excellent service in all the aspects for the purchase of a real estate in Ukraine; – helpfulness and responsiveness to your goals; – professionals whom you can trust while being far away
Those who steel hesitate to make the first contact with Ukraine should use Contact Ukraine services first.”Kateryna and Hubert André (France)
“For complicate real estate deals, Tatiana Yakovenko from ContactUkraine was absolutely great where 2 independent Ukrainian advocates failed to help before. She is totally trustful, serious and very skilled in real estate, taxation and company laws. She has a good network of partners (notaries, translators, bankers, brokers…) and is well informed about legal and political updates regarding real estate deals.
I am very thankful to her, whom I strongly recommend to anyone who considers to buy in Kiev.
It is not easy to find a real professional in Kiev who looks before all after one’s client’s interests. Tatiana Yakovenko is one of them..”Frank (Switzerland)
“I used the Contact Ukraine services to buy real estate in Kyiv.
It was not easy for a foreigner like me to understand all the dynamics behind buying a house in Ukraine. Requests for cash payments, various types of bank accounts, relations with the notary, various regulations, all things that worried me a lot. Thanks to the competence and precision of Tetiana I managed to make all the necessary steps and now I am happy owner of my new home in the beautiful Kyiv. I absolutely recommend relying on Tetiana’s professionalism.”Leonardo (Italy)
“I came to Ukraine due to my work with an IT Outsourcer. I needed to stay beyond Schengen visa rules. I found Contact Ukraine on the web and setup an in office visit. All the team was knowledgeable, low pressure, and supported me throughout the process. They also support me now with my accounting and I feel I have full professional service representation in Ukraine.”Eric (the USA)
“I would strongly recommend to use the services of Contact Ukraine when registering any enterprise in Ukraine. You would hardly get more concrete and legally-acceptable advice elsewhere in Ukraine. I was amazed how Tetiana easily provided the top notch legal assistance, could easily defeat any unreasonable arguments of the incompetent local authorities and banking establishment representatives. Furthermore when I had to execute the agreement with the business partners I could not think of the other name to provide me the legal service and eventually the after-service which was extremely helpful.”Elena (Ukraine)
“I had an excellent experience working with Tetiana at ContactUkraine. She was able to facilitate a relatively smooth real estate purchase outside of Kyiv, despite the fact that many of the local realtors were convinced that the only way to purchase property was with cash. Tetiana was always very responsive and returned my calls and messages quickly. She provided essential support on the day of purchase, and I could not have done it without her help. I would highly recommend her services.”Matt (the USA)
“I engaged the services of ContactUkraine for my real-estate purchase transaction in Kiev. Tetiana was my main contact and helped me with all my needs related to the transaction, including review of documents on property and seller, sale-purchase agreement review, bank account, and payment transaction. Tetiana was extremely helpful, responsive and knowledgeable in Ukrainian laws which was in stark contrast to various other parties that I had to deal with (notaries, banks, real-estate agencies). It was amazing to see how she had to explain and educate almost everyone involved in the transaction on the latest laws and regulations. I am very pleased to be a client of ContactUkraine.”Pradeep (Singapore)
“Contact Ukraine helped me to register as a Private Entrepreneur. They were very helpful throughout every steps. They gave me very precise answers to my many questions and they advised me well for the differents options I had to choose. Overall, everything was easy with no issue or unexpected things. I recommend Contact Ukraine as they are very reliable.”Sylvain (France)
“I bought an apartment in Kiev and Tetiana from ContactUkraine helped me to handle all details regarding the deal. She was very clear in explaining each step of the apartment purchase process in Ukraine. She is responsible and committed to her clients. Other lawyer helped me in the beginning, but later i invited ContactUkraine to handle my case. I highly recommend.”Chandler (China)
“I contacted ContactUkraine in order to assist me with my temporary residence permit application earlier in 2017. They acted really professionally. After reviewing my case, they came back to me with the procedure which seems the most suitable for me.
Then they assisted me in every steps and took care of the legal procedure in a quick delay. ContactUkraine is a professional and a reliable company to deliver the services they propose.”Arzul (France)
“I am a foreigner living in the Ukraine and I recently used Contact Ukraine to help support my real estate purchase requirements. ContactUkraine provides excellent service in all legal and financial aspects for the purchase of real estate in the Ukraine. They helped me to verify all the correct documentation required for the land and house I was interested in and they communicated with the seller on my behalf to make sure he prepared the correct land titles and home registration that is required for me to purchase the property legally. ContactUkraine assisted me with opening a foreign investment bank account and attaining my Ukraine tax number which are both requirements for the purchase of real estate as a foreigner.
I would highly recommend using Contact Ukraine to anyone who is seriously interested in the purchase of real estate in the Ukraine. I strongly believe that anyone who uses Contact Ukraine will not be disappointed with the level of knowledge and professionalism they can provide for any legal and financial requirements when purchasing real estate in the Ukraine.”Damian (the USA)