Get Your Visa at the Border – Ukraine Welcomes Foreign Tourists

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Starting from 17th of April, 2017 Ukraine has simplified its visa rules for selected number of countries. As a result, the following changes were introduced:

1. Citizens of the following states can get their short-term visa for business or tourism purposes at the Ukrainian border:

Australia Antigua and Barbuda Bahama Islands Barbados the Kingdom of Bahrain
Republic of Vanuatu Guatemala Honduras Grenada Dominica
Republic of India Qatar People’s Republic of China Kuwait the Republic of Mauritius
Malaysia the United Mexican States the Federated States of Micronesia New Zealand the United Arab Emirates
Sultanate of Oman the Republic of Palau the Republic of Peru the Independent State of Samoa the Republic of El Salvador
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the Republic of Seychelles Saint Vincent and Grenadines the Republic of Singapore Timor-Leste

The term of such visa cannot exceed 15 calendar days and can be given subject to providing the following documents:

  • documents, evidencing tourist nature of the trip (hotel reservation, excursion booking, travel voucher or contract for the provision of tourist services); OR
  • invitation of legal entity, registered in Ukraine on the official letterhead of such legal entity; OR
  • invitation of Ukrainian government body, state enterprise or organization; OR
  • A document, evidencing making of foreign investment in Ukraine.

The consulate fee for obtaining the visa at the Ukrainian border is UAH 2,550 (which is roughly USD 100).

2. The consulate fee and timeline for obtaining a visa through Ukrainian consulate in the country of residence of a foreign individual were reduced and now amounts:

  • USD 65 (up to 10 working days – ordinary processing; this period may be extended up to 30 working days if by additional checks are necessary); or
  • USD 130 (up to 5 working days – for urgent processing). Note that the urgent visa issuance can be made upon the request of a foreigner.

3. Simplified process of making invitations to Ukraine for foreigners from local legal entities or residents of Ukraine. As a result:

  • legal entities, registered in Ukraine, can issue invitations simply on their official letterhead;
  • Ukrainian residents can issue notarially certified invitations for foreign nationals.

Before the amendments, invitations, filed by foreign nationals for obtaining Ukrainian visa had to be made through the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

4. A possibility of online application for one entry business or tourist visa was introduced. Such visas will be issued for up to 30 days with a consulate fee applicable in the amount of USD 65.

Note that as earlier, citizens of number of states (countries of the EU, the USA, Canada, Turkey and some others) can continue travel to Ukraine without a visa and stay here up to 90 days per each 180 days. For more information whether you need a visa to Ukraine, please refer to