Ukraine Simplifies Visa D Rules

Editorial Team Immigration, Law

The government of Ukraine has adopted law which simplified rules for obtaining visa “D” – a special type of visa required for foreign nationals who would like to apply for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. The new regulation (amendment to Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 01.03.2017) is effective starting from 26th of June 2019.

Prior to this ruling, citizens of all countries were required to obtain visa D overseas through a Ukrainian embassy or consulate and needed to enter Ukraine specifically on this visa before they could apply for their temporary residence permit (even if they did not need tourist visa to Ukraine otherwise).

According to the new rules:

  1. Foreigners who can travel to Ukraine visa free (citizens of EU countries, the US, Canada and some other countries) will be able to get visa D in the visa Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine based on:
    • employment with one of the companies registered in Ukraine;
    • work in a representative office of foreign company or a branch
      of foreign company, registered in Ukraine;
    • study in Ukraine;
    • for participation in projects of international technical aid, duly registered in Ukraine;
    • work in representative offices or branches of foreign banks, which are duly registered in Ukraine;
    • for performing cultural, scientific, educational activity on the grounds and as per procedure, defined by international treaties or special programs;
    • foreign nationals which came to Ukraine for participation in international or regional volunteering programs or participation in organizations and establishments which involve volunteers;
    • individuals, which are shareholders of beneficial owners of companies, registered in Ukraine, whose share in the Ukrainian company amount at least EUR 100,000 equivalent;
  2. Persons mentioned in par. 1 above can apply for visa D to
    the visa Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine either in person, OR through a representative or by mail upon prior registration of visa application through online system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  3. Visa fee for visa D will be UAH 2550 (approximately USD 100) in case of application though the visa Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine;
  4. Visa processing time will be 10 business days and in case of urgent application – 5 business days (however, in case of urgent application, double visa fee will apply).

Please note that obtaining visa D based on grounds not specified above (including, for example, family reunion with citizens or permanent / temporary residents of Ukraine) required the application to be made through an Embassy of Ukraine overseas.

Just to remind that visa D is a special type of visa to Ukraine issued for 90 days as a multi-entry visa which allows a foreign national to apply for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Immigration Service of Ukraine among other documents, requires a foreign national to have this visa D in the passport when applying for a temporary residence permit.

It is expected that new rules will simplify process of obtaining temporary residence permit for foreign nationals and help them to avoid unnecessary travel aboard for obtaining visa D if such foreign national arrived in Ukraine visa free and has legal grounds to obtain a residency permit.

However, according to our information, as of 18th October 2019 the above rules have still not been implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (despite the law is effective for several months). According to information, provided via phone, the Ministry has not technical possibility to issue visas yet. We will update you in case of any change in due course.

Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.