Ukraine agricultural industry attractive for foreign investors

Editorial Team Business

As recognized by analysts of ABN AMRO Bank from Netherlands, Ukraine is ranked the first among the countries with promising markets, including the market of agricultural products. The Dutch financiers are convinced that the Ukrainian agrarian market has great prospects and deserves more attention of investors. This assessment particularly applies to the sphere of agricultural machinery and feed production.

Oleksii Pavlenko, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, highly appraised the prospects of cooperation between Ukraine and the Netherlands in agriculture. According to the Minister, Ukraine constantly expands the distribution markets for agrarian products and develops partnerships with the countries of the West, including the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

“The Netherlands will hopefully open their market for Ukrainian products. Meanwhile, Dutch manufacturers will find new opportunities, to make up for the losses inflicted by the Russian sanctions, for their own goods on the Ukrainian market. That is why Ukraine is attractive for the Dutch agricultural sector”, Oleksii Pavlenko stressed.

According to the bank’s report, the foreign trade with Ukraine is increasingly western-oriented and the agrarian sector of Ukraine can be attractive for Dutch investors. The financiers of ABN AMRO noted that Ukraine was one of the most significant agricultural regions of the World.