Learn About Ukraine

Business Setup

Learn about why invest in Ukraine, types of business structures, how to register your company, how to comply with laws, annual filing requirements, etc.

Business Laws

Guide to Ukraine’s legal system and common business laws including employment law, contract law, IP law, data privacy law, and others.

About Ukraine

Learn about Ukraine as a country, its people, culture, festivals, and traditions.


Get to know Ukraine’s tax system, corporate taxes, personal taxes, capital gains tax, dividend tax, VAT tax, tax treaties, tax filing requirements, tax residency, etc.


Learn about banking in Ukraine including banking system, major banks, business banking, personal banking, currency control issues, movings funds into and out of Ukraine, etc.

Global Trade

A guide to Ukraine’s international trade agreements with other countries.


Find out about traveling to Ukraine, quality of life, work permit scheme, residency permit , healthcare, accommodations, and other practical matters about relocating to Ukraine.

Real Estate

Learn about buying, selling, renting property in Ukraine and how to avoid bad deals.

IT Industry

How to set up your IT outsourcing operations in Ukraine.

Interviews with Experts

Here are some of the recent interviews organized by our print magazine Kiev Check-in.

Interview with Ambassador of India

Our Kiev Check-in magazine’s interview with His Excellency Manoj K Bharti, Ambassador of India to talk about growing relationship between the two countries.

Read the Interview

Interview with President of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Our Kiev Check-in magazine’s interview with Gennadiy Chizhikov, president of the Ukranian chamber of commerce & industry to talk about cooperation between France and Ukraine.

Read the Interview

Interview with Mayor of Kyiv

Our Kiev Check-in magazine’s interview with Vitali Klitschko, mayor of Kiev to learn about his plans to transform the city of Kiev into a leading european city and a major tourist destination.

Read the Interview

How Can We Help?

We provide consulting and support services to global entrepreneurs and businesses who are interested in doing business or investing in Ukraine. Our range of services consist of:


Informational seminars and consulting services about regulatory regime, business law, investment climate, and other aspects of doing business and investing in Ukraine.

Business Setup

Registration and administration of local and foreign companies; Business support services in the areas of legal, accounting, and management consulting.

Accounting & Tax

Accounting and tax filing services for entrepreneurs and entities registered in Ukraine


Work permit / residency permit application filing and related immigration services for relocation of foreign individuals to Ukraine.


Real-estate services (advice, due-diligence, legal paperwork) for leasing/purchase of office or residential property.


Consulting and assistance with bank accounts, banking transactions, and regulatory controls.

Why Ukraine?

Underdevelopment, transition to free-market economy, low-cost resources, excellent geographic position, natural resources, and highly skilled human capital make Ukraine an attractive choice for international business and investor community to explore and capitalize on opportunities available in the country.

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